Photos from Signing and Speaking Events, June-July 2011
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Signings & Gallery
Speaking at the launch party at the Atlanta History Center
memoriabilia we displayed at the different events--pages from Facts and Fancies yearbook, Grandmom's own year book and her diaries, a photo of her at 15...
The real 'Patches from the Sky' and Grandmom's yearbook
Every time I sign one of my novels, it's like receiving a hug from the Lord
Margaret Coggins DeBorde, Valerie Ravan Andrews, Kim Levy Huhman--three of the gals to whom I dedicated The Sweetest Thing. Sweet, sweet friends
Carol (who calls herself my #1 fan and is great!) and Nanny at the AHC event
My dear college friend, Krisit Nyquist, (beside me) came with friends all the way from Cullman, AL
My god-daughter, Megan Friant, surprised me and showed up with her sisters--all the way from Kingsport, TN
Son Chris and brother Jere helping out at the AHC event
Mom, Dad and little brother Glenn with me at the Decatur Library event--the Georgia Cetner for the Book
Sis-in-law Kim with Chris--helping out at ChristChurch event
with Becky Norman, one of the bravest women I know and an amazing mom of 6, at ChristChurch
Mom and Kim--my family is amazing in their support
with singer and songwriter, Lisa Klausmann, and her mom
My dear friends from Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church days--Cynthia Briscoe Brown and John and Margaret Condra
Sis-in-law Mary and niece Katie at FoxTale Books signing in Woodstock
Here I am with my precious 97-year-old Grandmom, holding a photo of her when she was 15
My family at Second Ponce with Pastor, Dr. Sapp
Bethany House provided me with this lovely banner of The Sweetest Thing
Speaking to a wonderful group of ladies at Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, GA
My wonderful hubby, Paul, in action
Son Andrew was also there to help out
Paul, Lizzie, Andrew and Lacy
Speaking at an event in a great little bookstore In Thomasville, GA
Speaking at an event in a great little bookstore In Thomasville, GA
I was privileged to speak to these precious women on the topic of 'Words Unspoken: Distinguishing God's Truth from Lies'
The day included a delicious 'French lunch' served to 330 women
Several of the hardworking volunteers who put on this event
My sweet daddy was the only male present--he loved being there with Mom and the other 330 women!
Charlotte took great care of me all day long
After the three speaking sessions, there was a book signing
speaking to Bill and Kitti Murray's book club in Atlanta, with the added treat that Andrew and Lacy were with us!
Speaking and signing at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Atlanta.
Signing books at North Metro First Baptist Church
Friend and fellow author Ane Mulligan was there to lend support and encouragement. Check out her great blog: Novel Journey.
The crazy, fun ladies who organized the event at North Metro
An impromptu signing with a book club at the Swan Coach House
Speaking and signing at John's Creek PCA Church--here with the gals who organized the event
I again spoke on the topic of 'Words Unspoken' and there was another wonderful lunch, modeled after 'The Swan's Favorite' at the Swan Coach House'
Signing books afterwards
I had the privilege of attending and sharing at a luncheon at the Swan Coach House honoring a recent high school graduate. What fun to have Lacy there with me!
Signing the contract for the trilogy!!! At long last, Two Crosses and Two Testaments will be back in print and Two Destinies will be published for the first time! Thanks for your prayers and patience.
Photos from my speaking engagements and book signings, April 2010
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Click here for a link to photos of my book tour in Holland, 2009, where I spoke and signed Waiting for Peter.
North Metro Church event, Atlanta, GA
My dear grandmother's journals from 1928-29
The beautiful, godly and amazing lifelong friends to whom I dedicated The Sweetest Thing
Speaking at Westminster Presbyterian, Atlanta, GA
Signing in Fort Payne, AL--my hubby, son and friends are with me
A delightful meal at the famous Colonnade Restaurant in Atlanta with the Trinity Fellowship Book Club from Sharpsburg, GA
My mother helping me--hooray for Mom, back after her second open heart surgery
A lovely ladies' event at Norcross First United Methodist Church, Norcross, GA
Speaking at the Norcross event
The new editions of Two Crosses and Two Testaments.  Aren't the covers great?
Signings and Speaking Events in April and May, 2012 
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Celebrating with Mom the arrival of Two Destinies!  This novel is dedicated to her--only took 14 years for her to get to hold it!
With Sheryl Barnes at North Metro Redeemed Readers Book Club
So thankful to have Mom with me that night.
I had a delightful time at the Decatur Book Festival on Labor Day weekend.
It was especially exciting to have Two Destinies available as part of the Secrets of the Cross trilogy.
 Lots of help from family and friends and so fun to meet many readers.
Check out the santons--the clay figures standing by the novels.  If you've read Two Crosses and Two Testaments, you know what they represent.  I brought these handsome men from France!
The ladies at Trinity Pres in Montgomery, Al. organized a lovely morning in which I spoke on God as our Keeper, and we enjoyed a luncheon and signing afterwards
I was honored that a bookclub from Dothan, Al. came to join us in Montgomery
With Becky and Carol, amazing women who organized the event
In Cullman, AL for another speaking and signing event with a wonderful group of ladies
yummy cupcakes made by one of the Cullman ladies
It is always a pleasure to visit the real Swan House in Atlanta and then to eat lunch at the Swan Coach House...
This time, I was honored to do a signing right there on the front porch of the Swan Coach House
An impromptu signing at Cornerstone Bookstore in Snellville, GA
Sweet Spirit Bookstore in Marietta, GA has always been a wonderful encouragement to me.  I was honored to do a signing there.
Sweet Spirit's display upon entering the bookstore
The real reason I was in the States--to meet our first grandchild, Jesse Andrew Musser
Adorable, n'est-ce pas?
Photos from Fall, 2012
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Santons: small clay figurines 
used in French Nativity scenes. 
 Here's a description fromTwo Destinies..  

Buche de Noel: A Christmas Log
Click here for the recipe
In June, I met a book club at the real Swan House for a tour...
...and then enjoyed lunch with them (and my mom) at the Swan Coach House.  Yum!
With my agent, Chip MacGregor, who was the keynote speaker at the Christy Awards.  And yes, he's a proud Scotsman.
I was thrilled to attend the Christy Awards with my mother, Barbara Goldsmith, to whom Two Destinies was dedicated
At the Christy Awards with two dear friends, Dave Horton, Vice President of Fiction at Bethany House Publishers, and LB Norton, the top-notch editor for most of my novels.
With my Dutch publisher, Marieke and her assistant, Maaike
With David C Cook VP, Dan Rich, and head of publicity at Cook, Lisa Beech, and Julie Cantrell, author of the Christy Award winning 'Into the Free'
Donna Kehoe is the lovely woman who hosts the Christys each year.
The nominees at the Christy Awards.  There are nine different categories.  Two Destinies was a finalist for the 'Contemporary Series' category.
The Winners!
Photos from Summer, 2013
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First signing at a bookstore in Velbert.  That's us!  What a privilege for me to be in Germany with fellow novelists Lynn Austin and Tamera Alexander.
'The Sweetest Thing' and 'Searching for Eternity' in German
Speaking in the lovely bookstore in Velbert.
Second night--speaking and signing in Dillenburg
I'm showing a reader a photo of my grandmother, as well as Grandmom's high school yearbook from 1928.  Parts of 'The Sweetest Thing' are based on Grandmom's journals.
We received gifts from each place we signed--here we have handmade slippers!  I use them every day in my writing chalet, keeping my feet warm.
We enjoyed delicious German breakfasts in Marburg where our publisher Francke is located.
Lynn, Tammy and I with our beautiful and gifted German Editor, Kathrin Schultheis
In the gardens of the Marburg Castle.  Traveling with us was Tammy's beautiful and lively daughter, Kelsey.  She kept us on our toes.
View from the top of the Castle--it's been in Marburg for about 1000 years.
A signing in Hille
With our translator, hostess and Anne-Ruth Meiss (far right), Publisher at Francke
So many people invest in making these events a success--a great group from Hille.
Francke hosted a book festival in Marburg--a wonderful day of speaking to and meeting with readers.
Anne-Ruth addressed the crowd in the garden
Our amazing translator, Sabine, with her family
Lynn Austin
The novels
Our favorite photo from the trip--we call it 'An adoring fan!'  In fact, he was the sound technician.
At Schoenblick Conference center
Schoenblick has had a ministry in Germany for 100 years and they are going strong.  A beautiful conference center and vacation spot.
We got to be there during their annual Flower Festival.
We walked the grounds of the Flower Festival with Schoenblick's director.
At a Christian bookstore in Goppingen.
All three of us signing away!  Very fun.
At a bookstore in Pforzheim right after Germany won their first game in the World Cup.  Everyone was in a great mood.  Kneeling is the guy who creates the covers and does a lot of graphic design at Francke.  His name is Christain and he was also our good-natured driver for our ten day trip.
Signing in Pforzheim
Next to last stop: Bad Liebenzell
Lynn and I took a hike in the Black Forest.
With Anne-Ruth, Kathrin and another staff worker at Francke.  What an amazing group of people to work with.  They made us feel like queens.
Last stop: Lachen
In June, 2014, I had the joy and privilege to spend ten days in Germany on a book tour with fellow novelists Lynn Austin and Tamera Alexander.  Our German publisher, Francke, hosted us and we had a blast.  
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A wonderful signing at my parents' home where I had all of my novels available as well as my newly published novella, Waiting for Peter.
In December, we made both 'The Dwelling Place' and 'Waiting for Peter' available in Paperback.  "The Dwelling Place' had been out of print for many years.
It is always a treat to meet my readers--some are dear friends from way back and many others I've only 'met' through their letters in cyberspace.
Meeting a book club at The Swan Coach House where they 'just happened to be' on the day I was signing 'The Swan House' in the Gift Shop.
With Mom, sis-in-law Mary, and friend, Mark, at the Swan Coach House Gift Shop.
The Swan Coach House Gift Shop now carries copies of The Swan House, The Dwelling Place and The Sweetest Thing for sale.
At the Holiday 'Sip and Sign' which was held at the stunning 'Holiday House' in Atlanta.
Note the chandelier.  Everything in the Holiday House was for sale, including beautiful artwork and the house itself!
A signing at 'The Rug Rack' in Chattanooga.  I was selling and signing books that day, but typically it's gorgeous rugs that are for sale.
With Rug Rack owner, Miriam Thompson, who hosted the event, and her sister and assistant.
Doing a short reading from the novella, Waiting for Peter.
With my 'one and only', Paul, who is always so supportive of my book life.
Signings during the 2014 Christmas season 
in Atlanta and Chattanooga.
Signings and Speaking
 Engagements from Winter 2015
My amazing sis-in-law, Mary Goldsmith (beside me in blue) and two other dear gals held a tea and signing to help sponsor Heritage School in Atlanta.
Always a joy to share with my readers.
Speaking to a book club in Cumming, GA
These women are part of Altrusa, a non-profit helping young mothers in difficulty.
It is always a privilege to meet the ladies who organize my speaking events.
So thankful my mother, Barbara Goldsmith (far left), could attend the event with me.  And Jean Drury drove from Athens, GA to take part.
A privilege to speaking to the WMU at my home church, Second Ponce de Leon Baptist, in Atlanta.   These women meet monthly to pray for missionaries.
My favorite and most loyal 'fans'--Daddy, Mom and Paul!
Here I'm showing a scrapbook of my poetry that I made when I was in 8th grade.
signing books at Grace Pres in Fort Payne, AL
While visiting my dear editor and friend, LB Norton, in Chicago, we made (from scratch) the coconut cake that is featured in my upcoming novella, Love Beyond Limits.  The novel is set in 1870 and the recipe we used dates back to then too!
A luncheon with dear readers at The Swan Coach House.
Signing books at the lovely Coach House Gift Shop.
Signings from Holland Book Tour, April 2015
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What a thrill to see my new novel, The Long Highway Home, in print and my other novels on display.  It warms a writer's heart.
Signing copies of The Long Highway Home (called On the Other Side of the Mountains in Dutch) at a huge singing event for Dutch Christians.  10,000 people were present.
Bookstore owners are kind enough to provide my books after a speaking event--this one was at 1000 Hills Church in Hillversum...
...set up by my dear colleague and friend, Kathy Harris (far left) and some other terrific gals.
On Sunday morning, I spoke at de Meerkerk church and had the joy of presenting a copy of my novel to Trans World Radio director and staff--the novel shows the way God uses radio to get the Gospel out in closed countries.
I also presented a copy of the novel to a precious Iranian refugee family who now attend this church.  Their story of flight and freedom is amazingly similar to the one I describe in The Long Highway Home.
I spoke on being a gal who likes to stay home in her slippers, but whom God has pushed out into many adventures--His strength in my weakness.
One of the highlights of our time in Holland was getting to see the tulip fields in full bloom!
We also got to visit the amazing Keukenhof Gardens.  Only one word applies: breathtaking.
Posing outside a bookstore for a photo shoot.
I still do a double-take when I see my novel in the storefront window.
And how did you think the Dutch got to book signings?  On bikes, of course!
Again, so humbling to see my novels on display.
Will she buy it?
Also very humbling that people actually show up at a bookstore to hear me speak.
Speaking and signing books at one of the many Christian bookstores in Holland.
It was a joy to be with the great staff from my Dutch publisher, Kok.  Those gals are also a lot of fun!
I love, love, love connecting with my readers!
And I often say that signing one of my novels is like getting a big hug from the Lord.
So encouraging to meet the staff at the bookstores.  Their enthusiasm about a writer's book makes a big difference.
Always encouraging to meet the bookstore personnel who set up the signings along with Kok.
A book tour is not just work.  Here Paul and I have just finished a four-course meal with Kok's publisher and staff.
What would a trip to Holland be without windmills?
I never tire of peering at the beautifully decorated window fronts of Dutch homes.
Paul and me and the North Sea!
A stroll on the beach by the North Sea.
A water taxi in Rotterdam!  Quite an adventure!
View towards Rotterdam.
Sunset at the fishing village of Urk.
Signings from August and September, 2016
book covers in English-inside my writing chalet
book covers in German
My novels in Norwegian-upside down because this app won't rotate them!
Signing copies of 'Searching for Eternity' for a book club
Celebrating a new contract with hubby Paul and literary agents Chip and Amanda
The wonderful and welcoming CEO, VP and marketing gals at my new publisher, Gilead
Author friend Deb Raney and I in front of our new publisher's sign
celebrating at the American Christian Fiction Writers' Conference
Speaking at The Atlanta History Center for the 'pre-launch' of The Long Highway Home
At the signing afterwards with a dear reader
With Daddy, Paul, and sis-in-law Mary and brother Jere
Signing copies of my novels-pure joy
Carol-my self-proclaimed #1 fan-and Grannie
My booth at the Decatur Book Festival. A real joy to have all my novels available
Faithful hubby always my biggest cheerleader and book-box mover
Family here to help out
Special edition copies of The Long Highway Home waiting to be signed...
...and mailed out to readers
Some dear friends who 'just happened' to all be reading the same novel!
Doing a little writing in the airport on the way back from the US to France
The Long Highway Home in German
The Wren's Nest in Dutch